Psychic and Tarot Readings

Do you want to deepen your understanding, and move consciously through life’s joys and challenges?

Whether you are seeking guidance on present issues, or simply want to know the highlights of the year ahead, a reading can offer you a wealth of support and encouragement.

Through a reading, you will gain clarity, insight and empowering solutions to:

Love and Relationships
Career and Finances
Family and Loved ones (including those who’ve died)
Present Challenges
Recurring Patterns
Past Lives
Spirit Guides
Psychic Experiences and Development
Spiritual Path and Life’s Path
Past, Present and Future
And anything else you choose to enquire about

Readings are also available with my husband, Noel Cunnington. Click here to learn more about Noel.

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Transformation Sessions and Spiritual Counseling

These sessions are aimed at helping you to resolve a particular issue in your life. Unlike Psychic and Tarot readings, they do not span a wide section of your life, and nor do they give you lots of detailed information. Unlike traditional counseling, they are aimed at your perceptions, and do not require numerous sessions to “heal” a wound or modify your behaviour. They are simple, direct, and transformational.

You and I put one issue under the microscope, in order to help it transform.

I use a variety of tools in these sessions (including my psychic abilities and my connection with Spirit) to hear what your heart is saying. In dong this, I am able to help you understand your current experiences, and offer you insight into your real choices.

If you are feeling stuck with an issue that won’t seem to heal, and you would like to change this, then this is the session for you.

As you can imagine, when you are truly ready to receive, these sessions are not only very powerful - they are life changing. Guided by Spirit, these sessions are a key to transforming and empowering any area of your life.

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Spirit Guide Drawings

This beautiful, large, colour drawing of your Spirit Guide is much more than just a picture.

While I am doing the drawing, your Guide talks to me and offers specific instructions about the drawing, at times working through my hands in much the same way as automatic writing. Your Guide wants you to receive the messages they are bringing you, so they include their own vibration in the drawing, and also symbols that remind you of their message each time you look at the picture. The drawing then becomes a bridge between you and them.

Often the drawing develops in layers. As each layer is done, another facet of your Guide is revealed. For example, your guide may layer some of their past lives into the drawing.

I pay particular attention to your Guide’s eyes, as these are the window to their soul. As you look upon your drawing, you will experience your Guide in a unique way. Gazing into their eyes might draw you into a state of peace, or excitement, upliftment or inner calm. Your Guide's loving energy resonates from the drawing, enhancing your connection with them.

When I begin the session, I ask to be shown which of your Guides I am to draw. Often we have more than one Guide, so I am shown the image of the Guide you most need to know about right now. This is usually one of your spiritual Guides, although occasionally the Guide will be a loved one who has passed over.

Your Guide doesn’t have a form – they are simply light and energy. However they will select an image that best represents them or their message to you (be that human, animal or divine). This may be what they looked like in a past life; it may be a spiritual representation of them; or it may be a symbol of them (in the case of an animal image).

Your session includes:

A drawing of your Angel or Spirit Guide
Messages from your Guide (a mini reading)
An opportunity to ask your Guide questions

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