Artemis is an internationally acclaimed clairvoyant and spiritual teacher, who has dedicated her life to uncovering the deeper meaning behind our life's journey and our spiritual and psychic potential, and to sharing her wisdom with others.

Artemis offers private sessions and psychic development workshops throughout Australia (and outside of Australia on request).

Artemis is author of "Earth Song" and co-author of the Australian bestseller "Dreams: Signs of things to Come". She has also created and produced a range of Self-Discovery guided meditation CDs, including:

Discover your Spirit Guides
Discover your Angels of the Sea
Discover your Past Lives
Discover your Dreams

With a deep interest in all forms of self-healing, Artemis also teaches the ancient and modern uses of essential oils, and how these can be used to raise physical and spiritual vibration. One of her favourite modalities Raindrop Technique, which uses essential oils in combination with ancient Egyptian, ancient Tibetan and American Indian principles in order to bring balance to the body and spirit. Artemis is a loyal supporter and independent distributor for Young Living, a Utah-based company who produce therapeutic-grade "Vibrational" essential oils, non-toxic personal care products and supplements enhanced with essential oils.